Product Order

Please contact the person in charge by email or phone for more information about ordering.

1. Items

1) Sponge :Pt, Pd, Rh
2) Ingot : Pt, Pd

2. Quantity

1) Order unit : Troy Ounce (Toz)
2) Minimum Order Quantity (Sponge basis)
- Domestic : min 300 Toz (Rhodium will be discussed separately)
- Overseas : min 1,600 Toz (Rhodium will be discussed separately)
※ Ingot order quantity is separate consultation

3. Price

1) Ordered price : Unknown price of period (average) or a specific day after the order date
2) Premium : Separate consultation
3) Price terms : EX-Works (other price terms are separate consultation)
※ The published price on our website is only for reference, and it will not be applied to the order.

4. Confirm your order

1) Order deadline : One business day prior to the price day
2) First-time trading partners must confirm orders after evaluation of the company.

5. Delivery

1) Delivery date : Monday after 3 months from order date
2) Delivery method : Secure transportation
3) Place of Delivery : Place designated by the purchaser
4) Packing method : Sealing airtight container and export standard packing box

6. Payment

1) T/T Remittance to our account until the day of delivery.
2) Remittance account : Separate announce when ordering.
Person in Charge

Person in Charge

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    ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

  • Pt Good Delivery

    Pt Good Delivery

  • Pt Good Delivery

    Pd Good Delivery

  • LPPM Sponge Good Delivery

    LPPM Sponge Good Delivery