LPPM was established in London in 1987 and strictly controls internationally applicable standards for procurement, manufacturing, and trading of raw materials for platinum and palladium worldwide. LPPM certifies Ingot and Sponge products manufactured by precious metal recovery companies worldwide through the Good Delivery Certification System, which facilitates transactions of accredited products and provides high-quality, proven precious metals to increase customer confidence.
LPPM's Good Delivery Certificate ensures product quality through annual documentation review and three-year product review, especially product reviews that must meet LPPM's requirements such as purity of 99.95% or more of platinum precious metal products and production capacity of 500kg per year or more. Few companies worldwide have been certified because these Good Delivery certificates are eligible only for companies that have passed the strict screening process required by LPPM.
Heesung PMTech is the only company in Korea that has received Good Delivery certification, obtained and maintained platinum and palladium ingot certificates in 2016, and obtained additional platinum and palladium sponge certificates in 2022. Through this, we are selling PGM products smoothly to leading customers in Korea and around the world.

Good Delivery Certificate

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  • Email: ej.lee@hspmtech.com
  • Tel: 02)3709-4015

Please contact the person in charge below if you have anything to convey regarding LPPM certification.

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