Whistleblowing Policy

Heesung PM Tech Corp. is implementing "Jeong-Do Management" to establish a sound corporate culture through fair and reasonable business performance, with『Ethics』as a virtue in company management and business activities. In terms of corporate ethics, if you tell us any wrong practices and suggestions for improvement/ suggestions at any time, we will reflect them in company management as much as possible, so please report them by selecting one of the reporting methods below. Reports will be processed and replied to as soon as possible.

Reporting Targets

  • ① Solicitation of bribes, gifts, entertainment, favors, or other similar requests
  • ② Unreasonable delays or acts of obstruction in performing duties
  • ③ Coercion to accept unfair conditions
  • ④ Misconduct or unethical behavior by company employees
  • ⑤ Other acts that violate the Code of Ethics and so on
          Internal reporting system regulations  [ Download ]

Methods of Reporting

  • ① Mail : 19 th Floor Youngpoong Bldg., 41 Cheonggyecheon-ro,
    Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03188, Korea
  • Online

Whistleblower Protection Policy

  • The identity of the whistleblower and the reported information will be treated as strictly confidential. A robust security system securely protects the reporting system. In addition, the reporting department is operated by a limited number of people who have pledged to strictly abide by the confidentiality of reports.
  • If it is acknowledged that a disadvantageous disposition or punishment for the reporter has occurred due to the report, restoration to the original state or equivalent compensation measures will be taken.
  • In the process of fact-checking the report, we equally protect those who cooperated with the investigation.
  • If the whistleblower reports any misconduct or corruption related to the person, in which they are personally involved, it will be handled reasonably through sufficient extenuating circumstances.

Audit Organization Chart

Purpose of Audit

  • Compliance with company policies and guidelines
  • Adherence to the instructions of the CEO
  • Adequacy of company property protection measure
  • Efficiency check of management status
  • Identification of issues in company operations/organization

Audit Work Flow

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

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    Pt Good Delivery

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  • LPPM Sponge Good Delivery

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